World Cup Madness in Costa Rica

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The World Cup tends to be the biggest sports event in nearly ever place except for in the United States.  Recently I had some friends from the U.S. commenting that they just don’t understand what the big deal was about the World Cup.  Well, spend a little time in Costa Rica and you’ll understand a bit more.  You see for many counties soccer is a symbolic and unifying game that brings people together for incredible and unmatched patriotic pride.  I grew up a diehard sports fans for all of my Seattle teams, but have never witnessed anything like the madness here in Costa Rica after the past week upset Uruguay and Italy in their first two World Cup games to advance to second round and top 16.  These games allow all Costa Ricans, mothers, grandfathers, children, all to come together and all root not just for their team, but for their country.  Celebration is composed of waving their national flag, singing their anthem and pridefully boasting about their great country.  Sure you might see some cities or states in the US celebrate when their local teams win a championship, but you’ll never see such patriotic pride as I’ve just seen the last week.  Unfortunately if you live in the U.S. you might not get to experience what I get to here in Costa Rica, but I encourage you to watch a game or two, cheer on Costa Rica for the rest of this ride, and hopefully celebrate with the rest of all of us in Costa Rica. For some great photos click here

Written By David Karr – Article originally posted here.

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