Why Us?

Written by Lisle Head

Hello fellow paradise seekers,

Our team of professionals all probably share a similar story to you.  All of us made a trip to Costa Rica and fell in love with the beauty and amazing lifestyle and were fortunate enough to make Costa Rica our homes. We have since surrounded ourselves with honest, motivated and friendly people that are dedicated to making sure that others enjoy their time in this paradise that we call Costa Rica. We hope you enjoy the information that we have provided on our site!

If you are thinking about a permanent residence or just a vacation or second home, then Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is the perfect place to start looking. Our team of professionals are here to take away all of the guess work and help to ensure that you have the best time possible while visiting Costa Rica.  Call us toll free at 1.866.403.1345 or email at info@jaco-condos.com

Market Knowledge

We understand the North American and the Costa Rican housing markets. We have decades of experience between us and we make sure that our clients are able to utilize OUR knowledge to their advantage!

Full Time Residents

The members of our team live here full time. This goes back to market knowledge, along with understanding of the law and the current state of municipal, state and national policies and housing regulations.

Being full time residents also gives us the inside view. This makes us privy to deals that may be diamonds in the rough that other part timers might not be aware of. In addition to this, our full time status of residency provides accountability on our part to our clients. We are still here after the deal is made. There is a plethora of real estate scams throughout Latin America. We will protect you from these situations.

We practice the win/win mentality

We understand that when people are happy, it is great for us as well.  Our team takes pride in going the extra mile to help you with your search and questions.  We do this because regardless of a sale, we still want to earn your trust and respect. If you walk away happy, there is a high probability that you’ll will refer a friend or acquaintance to us.

Team of Professionals Who Know How To Negotiate

Our office is made up of licensed professionals with years of experience and proven track records of success. We know how to negotiate to your advantage and get you the best possible deal out available. Many of the “Fly by Night” real estate offices in Costa Rica present informal offers, thinking that they are testing the waters. This is simply counterproductive. Serious sellers want an official written offer to show that the potential buyer is serious as well. From this point REAL negotiations can begin. And we are champion negotiators.

We are committed to the goal of ensuring YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL and enjoy your time in Costa Rica. No matter if it is short or long term.

For tips on how to get your money into Costa Rica or additional information on Costa Rican Real Estate, We are here to serve you!

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