The Pizza Shop in Jaco Beach

It is common to see blue eye, blond hair business owners in Jaco, Costa Rica. Many of them fell in love with the city and never left. This is what happened to Kevin who decided to open a business in Jaco. He is living the Costa Rican American dream.

After graduating from Arizona State University (ASU), with a Bachelor of Science in international business and a minor in marketing, Kevin and a couple his friends did not want to give into the corporate world in the States. A friend looked at educational programs abroad and after doing some research decided to use the money, initially for the program, towards exploring Costa Rica with his friends. The idea was to stay in the country for a couple of months and learn how to surf. They were enjoying the country so much that Kevin and his friends explored Costa Rica for 6 months.

When he returned to the United States he worked 3 different jobs, 6 or 7 days a week and an average of 16-17 hours a day, for 10 months. He saved all the money he could and moved back to Costa Rica after almost a year. Falling in love with Costa Rica, the laid back attitude and culture was not hard; he knew he wanted to return.

Once he settled in Jaco there was an opportunity to take over The Pizza Shop and with the help of his college friend they took over the restaurant. As business partners they have made the business successful and a popular hang out place in town. People enjoy going to the restaurant because the pizza tastes great and the ambiance is tourists-friendly. About 40 percent of the customers are local and the majority of the business comes from tourists who are passing by or exploring the country for a few months.

A typical day for Kevin consists of: waking up, exercising, going to work, making pizzas, going surfing and ending the day at The Pizza Shop making some sales. Peak hours for the restaurant are usually in the afternoons and Saturday nights when everyone wants pizza after a few drinks on the main street. Wednesday nights are also very popular because there are free shots and drinking games, which makes the restaurant the “it” spot on this night.

Unlike many business owners who decided to stay in Jaco after visiting the country, Kevin always knew he wanted to work in business outside the United States. His father influenced his concentration in business and Costa Rica provided the opportunities. Living without the constant routine and pressures from society to live an expensive lifestyle is why he moved to Costa Rica. Here, he has been able to accomplish his goal of becoming a business owner while still being able to enjoy life.

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