Written by Lisle Head

Deciding whether or not to ship your automobile, household goods and electronics to Costa Rica can be trying. Better stated, it can be a downright nightmare if you choose the wrong people to handle your shipping affairs.

Bringing your belongings with you is an excellent idea. But keep in mind that you are going to have to pay an import tax on each item. With this said, certain items may be better to sell off before you leave your country of origin. Products that are made in Costa Rica or even products made in China don’t make much sense to ship and pay import taxes on, as you can purchase them affordably here.

Technological products of high quality tend to be pricey in Costa Rica. In most cases newer electronics cost more to purchase in Costa Rica than they do to purchase, ship and import from the United States combined. Automobiles can be a great idea to bring down, especially if the car is a few years old. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs tend to hold their value in Costa Rica. But the import tax can be as high as 80% of mint blue book value for new vehicles. For this reason, some times it is better to sell a brand new car and purchase one that is comparable but a few years older. You’ll save  thousands of dollars and the resale value in Costa Rica  for a 2008 model will be similar to that of a 2012. If done correctly, you can see quite a return on investment if you should decide to sell your vehicle in Costa Rica.

We have helped hundreds of people ship their belongings from different parts of the world to Costa Rica. When you are ready to begin shipping your goods, make sure that you contact US first. We will give you advice and take the guess work out of the process. We will also put you in contact with a trustworthy, reputable shipping company that will give you an accurate tax quote based on VIN and product numbers. They are also very reasonable with their freight costs.

Need help in shipping to Costa Rica?

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