What to do?

Written by Lisle Head

Jaco is a wonderful full place, there are so many incredible things to do. Unless you live in a winter sports area, you can probably do what ever you would do in your home town right here in Jaco, Costa Rica. Activities wise, you can probably do a lot more while staying in Jaco and it would cost you less money.

Surfing in Jaco and Hermosa.

Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast is known throughout Central America for being a Sport Fishing mecca. When people want to have a real chance at landing a trophy fish, they come here and launch out of our world renowned Los Sueños Marina. If you’re a golf fan, Los Sueños Resort also has a championship golf course on which you can test your handicap!

The Central Coast is also known for its excellent exposure to southern and south western swells. The Jaco area rarely has flat periods (wave-less times). So, if you have ever dreamed of learning to surf or if you are already a surfer, Jaco is the place that you want to be. The water temperature averages at about 84 degrees Fahrenheit year round. And not only are there great breaks in the immediate area, but there are dozens of world class breaks all within an hour drive, both to the north and south. I always say, “Surfing for a year here is like surfing for 4 years somewhere else in the world.” This is because if you wish, you can literally surf every day. But, even if the sport of surfing isn’t for you, the relaxed, beach, surfer’s lifestyle probably will be!

Sportsfishing out of the Los Suenos Marina

Just of fthe coast lies the uninhabited island “Isla Del Coco”. The waters surrounding the island offer up some of the most incredible diving and snorkeling experiences in the world. You can swim along the beautiful reefs alongside Giant Manta Rays, sharks, dolphins, whales and vast arrays of tropical fish. The island itself is a pristine example of a large tropical island, with lush wild life, grottoes and beautiful waterfalls.

In Jaco itself, one of our favorite things is the social vibe. People who come to visit are happy because they are taking time to enjoy themselves. This is reflected in the attitudes of most around town. The people here are generally friendly and in a good mood. I particularly enjoy chatting with tourists and learning about their walk of life from where ever in the world they have come from.

The options for food are almost endless. You can eat a huge meal at a local “Soda” for only $4! There are several excellent restaurants as well, where you can have a gourmet meal for $20 or less per plate. We even have a couple fast food selections for people who are on the go. On top of great dining, there are several quaint, beachfront bars where you can relax, munch on an appetizer and sip a cocktail while watching the sunset.  And if you like the night life, Jaco has a few really good night clubs where you can go dancing and meet new people.

During the day time, Jaco’s surrounding areas have so much to offer. Forget having to waste gas and drive to a cool spot for hiking and mountain biking. Jungle mountains drop down and hug the eastern end of Jaco. The trails are so nearby that you can just run or ride your bike to them! Just a few kilometers down the road there are some amazing waterfalls that you can swim in to cool off after a good trek in the mountains! The long, unbroken expanse of Jaco beach is also a great way to stretch your legs.

Not to be counted out as one of the most incredible things about living here is the wild life. Costa Rica reputedly has the most dense bio-diversity in the world. Large Billed Tucans, Scarlet Macaws and Parrots fly over-head, nearby rivers hold large crocodiles that you can safely view, White Faced and Howler Monkeys play in the trees. There are too many cool animals to try and list; its’ astonishing!

Click here to let us know you want to discuss your options of living in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Once we have received your information we will have a lifestyle expert contact you.

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