Is it Safe?

Written by Lisle Head

In our opinion, Jaco is one of the safest beach towns in Costa Rica. This is due to the fact that there is a heavy police patrol presence around the clock. Jaco town officials realize that there is a great financial benefit to keeping the streets safe for its residents and the seasonal tourists. It is also very important to the Jaco Chamber of Commerce and the people of Jaco.

While out and about, if you take the basic precautions that should be undertaken in any city (don’t flash around wads of money, don’t leave expensive cellular phones or cameras on public bar tops or counters), then it is very unlikely that an incident will happen. Most of the incidents that do take place are petty and alcohol related. Usually, they occur in the late night / early morning hours when the bars close.

I myself live in a mostly Costa Rican, un-gated neighborhood. My community has an organized neighborhood watch as well as weekly community development and gentrification meetings. To keep attendance consistent, we have a neighborhood BBQ in the park and games for the children. It really is a fun, mini-carnival every Sunday afternoon. While the children play, the adults discuss neighborhood safety and share ideas on gentrification proposals that we as a community of Jaco should submit to our town officials.

Jaco, unlike most other beach communities, invests in 24 hour police patrols of both Municipal and National Police. We also have well lit streets throughout almost the entire town. Safety is the #1 priority for the city, the chamber and the community. This makes Jaco one of the safest cities in Costa Rica.

Come down and see for yourself! Contact us now for information on your next visit to Costa RicaWhether you plan on a short term or long term stay, we’ll promptly get back to you with helpful answers to whatever questions you have!

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