Living in Jaco

Written by Lisle Head

Jaco Beach

“What is it like to live in Jaco?” We get that question a lot. I usually tell people, “If you like warm weather and friendly people, then you are going to love living here.” The town has about 10,000 full time residents, but regularly supports 15,000 people. The atmosphere here is very laid back. It has that beach lifestyle and surfer’s vibe that Southern California used to have years ago.

Jaco has a beautiful beach line that runs unbroken for roughly 3 miles. The main strip runs perpendicular with the beach one block inland. There are restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, medical clinics, schools, theatres, bars, churches, auto-shops, nutrition stores, cigar shops,smoothie stands, ice creameries, hair salons etc. No other beach town in Costa Rica has the richness in comforts, conveniences and amenities as does Jaco.

In addition to the comforts, there are so many things to do with your time. You have gorgeous Pacific sunsets, perfect for walks on and runs on the beach. You can hike or mountain bike in the lush rain forest that rest behind the town. Grab a fishing pole fish and throw a line in the Pacific for snapper or snook or you can even head right down the  road to play a round of championship golf! Plus, there are tons of excellent restaurants and beach front bars to choose from.  And we can’t forget the world class surf and warm waters.

Golfing in Los Suenos

Jaco is a thriving tourist town. Not only do people come to visit from all around the world, it’s also a very popular weekend and vacation destination for locals in San Jose.  Big events like international surf contests, can draw 10’s of thousands of tourists to Jaco at a time.  This is one of the things that I like the most about our small surf village, there is a buzz of happiness to air. People on vacation tend to be enjoying themselves and that vibe is infectious!

Jaco is paradise with 1st world conveniences. When you couple the great vibe, the lifestyle and the amenities, I can’t think of a better beach town in Central America to live in.

Let us help you find your little piece of paradise as well. Ask us about what living in Jaco might be like for you! 

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