Jaco Locals Compete for Reef National Surf Titles

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If Costa Rica’s professional surf scene had an A-team, it would look something like this: Carlos Muñoz, Jair Pérez, Noe Mar McGonagle, Gilbert Brown, Anthony Fillingim, Luis Vindas, Leilani McGonagle, Lisbeth Vindas, and Nataly Bernold. The nine top surfers seem to shuffle places between being national champions and taking the top five slots at any given competition, […]

Coldwell Banker Jaco Team merges with 2Costa Rica Real Estate Team

Coldwell Banker Jaco team merges with 2CostaRicaRealEstate.com Integrity, personal service, knowledge, excellence, these are all the professional traits which describe the team at 2 Costa Rica Real Estate, and that team just got stronger with the addition of Costa Rica’s leading Coldwell Banker franchise sales team from Coldwell Banker Jaco. The announcement was publicly made […]

Jaco Beach Costa Rica wins Blue Flag


The city of Jaco Costa Rica won the Blue Flag designation for one more year. The program test the waters throughout the year to determine who is eligible to win the Blue Flag status. Jaco Costa Rica in the past has been hit by “aguas negras” which is basically polluted untreated sewage waste that were flowing into […]

The Earth Quake in Costa Rica

Sometimes it breaks my heart to read the papers or watch the news. It seems the media is always looking for the worst in everything. Why don’t they ever focus on what is good in a situation. I have found that if you live your life looking for the worst in everything you are going […]

Rush Limbaugh Knows Costa Rica Healthcare is Excellent


Apparently, Rush Limbaugh has vowed to move to Costa Rica if the US healthcare reform gets passed by Congress. Obviously, Rush has not pulled this name out of thin air. The fact is Costa Rica has excellent health care mostly related to preventive care but that is mostly what you need for 90% of your […]

Economic Crisis Hurts Low Income Students in Costa Rica


President Arias Fears Children Will Be Pressured to Ditch School for Work. While the United States has dug itself deeper into its trillion dollar deficit in this time of economic crisis, the Costa Rica government is stripping away funding and hoarding its money to avoid the effects, while turning its back on needy citizens. The government’s first […]

Drunk Driving Law Declared Constitutional by Costa Rica Court


New Drunk Driving Law Now With Supreme Court Approval. When Costa Rica’s first drunk driving case went to court this Jan. 22 under the new Transit Law, what was meant to be a victory for the law and the country, turned into a joke as the defendant claimed that the new law was unconstitutional and […]

Africa Themed Park Announces More Births

Located in the Costa Rican North Pacific region, the Africa Mia zoo made headlines this weekend by announcing the birth of the first giraffe in the country and Central America as well. The park is named after the movie Out of Africa (Africa Mia in Spanish) and as it name implies the park resembles the […]

29 Bridges to Be Repaired in Costa Rica

29 Bridges to Be Repaired in Costa Rica, Thanks to BID Finances Thanks to financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), $66 million dollars have been given to the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport to aid in the repairs of 29 different bridges scattered throughout the area between Liberia, Guanacaste and Barranca, Puntarenas. The Ministry […]

Costa Rica Ranks Sixth In Human Development in Latin America

Costa Rica ranks in sixth place for the Human Development Index, according to United Nations, which conducts annual reports for the world’s peace organization. The United Nations has ranked Costa Rica as the 6th highest country in Human Development in Latin America in their Human Development Report for 2011. Costa Rica is ranks number 69 […]

Dorado and Marlin Fishing Season is Coming

Costa Rica Sportsfishing is a huge attraction for thousands of tourist each year. Like landlubbers who choose canopy tours or ATV tours, sportfisherman have their own preferences for what type of fish they want to catch. For those discerning Costa Rica sport fishing tourists, the Dorado and Marlin fishing season is coming up so get your […]

Controversial Highway Speed Trap Camera’s Shut Off

Costa Rica’s Highway Speed Trap Cameras Turned Off (For Now) Costa Rica’s highly controversial speed trap highway cameras have been turned off again, according to the MOPT a.k.a. Ministry of Public Transport in English. Racsa was ordered by the Sala IV or national supreme court to turn off the cameras for the next 6 months and […]